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Smart OCR will let you convert scanned images of paper documents to digital files that can be searched and edited
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5 November 2014

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This software does OCR on character images and converts them to editable ASCII characters.

Smart OCR Pro is an optical character recognition software for the Windows environment. Scanned paper documents can be turned into fully editable and searchable digital files. The software offers more than 99.8 percent accuracy. The layout and format of the source document is maintained. What should be really useful is the claimed accuracy of 99.8% as that saves a lot of manual editing on the converted documents. Usually you’ll have a mass of images to be converted to digital format. Under those conditions, if the accuracy is low, then the amount of edits can consume quite a bit of time. Do remember though, the accuracy can vary a lot based on the condition of the images, the font used in the original paper document, etc. The tool is able to handle the scans created from paper document, PDFs from images, fax and even low quality documents and screenshots.

The application supports scanners and digital cameras so that scans can be directly acquired. It also has a built-in text editor with a spell-checker that will help with the finishing up. The output document can be created in PDF, DOC, RTF or HTML formats. Input image formats recognized include BMP, JPEG, TIFF, and GIFF. As one would expect with applications that handle high volume work, this tool too supports batch processing. In the manual mode, you can specify particular areas of a document for conversion. The interface is simple and intuitive and makes the job quite easy to carry out. Because of the accuracy variations possible due to nature of input, best bet is to try out the tool in your particular setting. This is a nice, easy and handy tool.

Publisher's description

Smart OCR is a desktop OCR software application that is compatible with all Windows systems. The software enables users to process scanned paper documents with optical character recognition in order to transform them into fully searchable and easily editable computer files. The application offers recognition accuracy of over 99.8 percent and has intelligent recreation capabilities that will preserve the layout and formatting of the original document. Smart OCR will allow you to convert low-quality documents, fax documents and screenshots. The application supports both scanners and digital cameras. You can use the built-in text editor with a spell-checker to easily proofread your document. With Smart OCR, you can convert documents into various digital formats, including PDF, DOC, RTF and HTML. Smart OCR can recognize all popular image formats, such as BMP, JPEG, TIFF, and GIFF.
Smart OCR
Smart OCR
Version 5.11
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User comments

I`ve been using optical character recognition software for a couple of months, I have Smart OCR. I am quite pleased with it, almost no errors for me even for low-quality documents.
Last week I purchased SmartOCR and I sincerely recommend it to anyone looking for accurate OCR for a low price.
John Kelly
It converted my scanned documents with amazing quality.
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